Best Online Courses in Social Media Marketing & Analytics

Social media analytics is catching up big time and has become one of the hottest new skills to learn. It has comfortably integrated itself into the marketing activities of most companies, what with social media channels being a great resource for marketers. Demand is growing steadily for people who have the skills needed to understand what an organization wants and to create targeted solutions using social media technology and platforms. Not wanting to lag behind, many marketing professionals are dipping their toes into this field but finding it a challenge to locate places that offer expert training in this emergent domain.

We put together a list of the top places where you can learn social media analytics online:

  1. Media Bistro

Media Bistro is both a job portal and online training platform for media and marketing professionals. It serves as an aggregator of numerous job listings and trains people on a wide range of marketing concepts. This is one place where people can learn hot new skills, and explore job opportunities that will allow them to put these skills to good use. Their Social Media Analytics course is designed for marketers, bloggers, community managers, and anyone curious about data. The course shows learners how to create tools to measure social media activity and make sense of data.

2. Market Motive

Market motive is an elearning platform dedicated to offering digital marketing training. Their core expertise is in digital marketing and this is reflected in their course curriculum. Their Social Media Marketing course aims to equip students with various social media tools & techniques such as social sharing, blogging, online reputation management and social media analytics. The curriculum explores in-depth the concepts of paid, owned and earned social media and covers marketing strategies for all popular social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

3. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is an elearning marketplace that offers courses across different domains including modules covering Social Media, Mobile Technology, Analytics and Cloud as a package training module. Students get to explore these concepts and acquire a basic understanding of them. This course is a mix of different concepts and domains and aims to help anyone taking this course to enhance relationships with geographically distant enterprises. The knowledge of these individual technologies and platforms drives innovation and solves problems of enterprises

4. Jigsaw Academy

Jigsaw Academy ranks as the top analytics learning destination in India. Their core focus is in analytics and data science and their Social Media Marketing & Analytics course explores the applications of analytics in social media marketing and campaigns, and has a good blend of key marketing and analytics concepts. The curriculum is created keeping in mind analytics’ role in driving and sustaining social media campaigns in real-time. It is taught by experienced instructors as well as by established digital and social media marketing and analytics experts.


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