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Tune with Time: IIMs unveil courses like ‘Doing Business with China’, ‘Big Data Analytics’, ‘Econophysics’ 


The country’s best business schools too need to ensure their students keep up with the times. From understanding how business is done in China to brushing up on leadership skills, IIMs are introducing new subjects to equip future managers with the latest survival skills. “Students want to be in the forefront of career opportunities, which determines their selection of courses,” says C Raju, chairman, post graduate Programme, IIM Kozhikode.

IIM Indore’s students will be trained on, ‘Doing Business with China’, ‘Indian Public Policy’, ‘Big Data Analytics’ and ‘Econophysics’ – the application of physics in financial economics.

At least 50 students will be taking up the elective on China this year, guided by Siddhartha Rastogi, associate professor of economics at the institute. “Students will be taught ethnic, sociological, political dynamics of China, their industries and work culture,” especially relevant since many Indian and Chinese firms are working together, says Rastogi. IIMs try to introduce new electives every year where students vote on subjects they want to study, or those that professors recommend.


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