Top Big Data Predictions Everyone Should Know


We all know what Big Data is and how increasingly important it has become. It is one of the technologies that has taken the business world by storm, and will continue to evolve in the coming years.

What are the things we can expect to see in the Big Data space? What new technologies will emerge out of this? What’s the next step in this growth? Will Big Data give way to something else? Well, here are our top predictions that we expect to see in the Big Data space in the coming years.

  1. Big Data will get bigger

The volume of data generated will only see an upward shift, with industry experts saying the growth will be exponential. With the number of devices that are connected to the internet growing by the millions, it is only fair to assume that this will lead to a massive data surge.

  1. More analysts will come from non-analytics backgrounds

Domain expertise has become a key skill for anyone working with data. Organizations need people who not only can analyse data but also understand how the insights apply to their specific business.

  1. Machine Learning will be the top trend

Machine learning will become a very necessary element of all data processing and predictive analysis.

  1. Privacy concerns of Big Data usage will emerge

As the amount of data generated and processed rises, data privacy is bound to take more prominence. It is estimated that about 50% of ethics violations will be related to data.

  1. Data professionals will find more jobs and roles

Titles like Chief Data Scientist, Chief Data Officer, Head of Analytics, Head of Data etc will see a prominent rise. Companies will have dedicated teams and heads for data related processes.

  1. There will be a shortage of skilled big data professionals

There is already a notable gap in the supply of qualified data professionals to the demand that the industry is generating. This gap will only widen due to the rapid pace at which data jobs are being instituted and the slow pace at which skilled data professionals are being trained or upskilled.

  1. Emergence of actionable data

Most companies use only a portion of data available to them to derive insights. Companies will focus on asking the right questions instead of letting only the data dictate them.

  1. All organizations will become data driven

The amount of companies that will make use of their data will see a sharp rise, with companies across sectors working with data at some level. Data driven business decision making will become the norm.     

While these still only serve as predictions and we cannot say for sure how the big data landscape will develop, these can give us a good idea about what we can expect. Data is shaping our future every day and it would be interesting to see how these predictions fare in the coming years.




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