Data Analytics Training in India a must in Year 2014

We have been hearing the rise of big data since 2010 and since then there have been a considerable number of colleges and institutes around the world that have started offering data analytics training to meet the growing demand of data analytics professionals. According to the “Analytics Salary and placement Report 2013” by Jigsaw Academy; analytics professionals on an average paid more than their peers. “Big Data will lose its sheen but analytics will continue to be the mainstay of an organization.” says, Gaurav Vohra, CEO and Co-Founder of Jigsaw Academy about the rise of big data in the Year 2014.

The use of big data has started to become a differentiating factor in competitiveness and potential value it offers to its customers. In most industries, we can see the advent of data driven strategies to innovate and compete. Hence, leaders in every organization now need to grapple with the implications of data that they have in hand to fuel growth for their organization.

However, there is still a huge gap between the demand and supply of analytics professionals; data analytics training would be one of the most sought after training in the Year 2014 and following five reasons highlight why it would be the most sought after:

  1. Data Analytics Professionals are Better Rewarded: According to, more than 78% of all marketers report feeling pressure to become more data driven.Data Analytics still is in its nascent stages in India and hence for early starters it’s definitely an advantage. More organizations in India are now focusing into data driven decision making.
  2. Shortage of Data analytics Professionals: According to McKinsey; there still a significant shortage of data analytics professionals in US; one can assume the current state in India where big data is still in its nascent stage.
  3. Demand of data analytics professional on the rise: The power of data and analytics is deeply shifting the business landscape, and once again companies need more manpower.

If you are looking for Analytics Training in India then this comprehensive list of institutes provided by Analytics India Magazine is a good place to start your research.  Following are some of the YouTube videos of the institutes mentioned by Analytics India Magazine.

Jigsaw Academy: Following is the free introductory video about “What is Analytics?” by Jigsaw Academy.  Jigsaw Academy, is one of the premiere Analytics Training institute in India and has won several awards and recognition for its analytics courses.

International School of Engineering: International School of Engineering (INSOFE) offers novel executive education in Data Science/ Big Data Analytics in a classroom model. Following is an “Introduction to Data Visualization – Part 1” that is available on YouTube.


Edvancer Education: The business analytics course is designed to provide a hands-on, practical experience with over 15 real world case studies and data-sets. The online self-paced learners will view videos discussing the problem and depicting the solution.  Following is a “SAS language fundamentals class 1 “ YouTube video by Edvancer.

Analytics Training Institute: The education arm of Redwood Associates is a pioneer in personal analytics education and has trained close to 10,000 individuals over the last 5 years. ATI believes that every individual and organization can be trained to take smarter decisions with the help of analytics and our suite of courses help people across the globe to do just that.

Edupristine: Though this institute is not mentioned in the Analytics India Magazine list, but it is making its name in the analytics industry with its recently launched Analytics Courses. Following is video about “Relevance of Business Analytics for Sales & Marketing Professionals” by Edupristine that is available on their YouTube Channel.


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