Executive Education in Analytics in India: The Rundown

The rise and need for senior professionals with analytics skills refuses to die down. With businesses pivoting towards being data driven, they need a business expert who can speak in the language of data and can help make sense of what the data is saying.

When it comes to analytics, big data, and data science, it is not enough to just have the technical skills to handle data. It is imperative that an analytics professional is also able to understand what the data is saying and apply the findings in a business context. Without domain knowledge and understanding, just knowing how to analyse data will not yield any ideal results.

To address this, numerous institutes and universities have started offering executive education programs in analytics for skilled and experienced professionals. Now the next big question that comes up is which course to choose out of all these.

Each program has its own benefits, and we do a rundown of each to figure out which program gives the most to the students.

Methodology of Analysis

We have extensively mined the program websites and obtained student reviews for each of these programs. We have considered different criteria such as university partners, breadth of the curriculum, and value additions that each program provides for our analysis. Each criteria has sub-sections and parameters and we have graded them according to the offering of each program/institute. The weightage has been laid on variety of the curriculum modules and comprehensiveness of each program.

The programs considered for this comparison are:

  1. Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics & Business Intelligence (PGPBABI) by Great Lakes in collaboration with Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA.
  2. Post Graduate Program in Big Data Analytics (PGP BDA) by Great Lakes in collaboration with Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA.
  3. Executive Program in Business Analytics (EPBA) by Jigsaw Academy with SDA Bocconi as the university partner.
  4. PG Diploma in Data Science (PGDDS) by Upgrad in collaboration with IIIT Bangalore.
  5. Certificate Programme in Business Analytics (CBA) by ISB, Hyderabad.
  6. Business Analytics & Intelligence (BAI) by IIM, Bangalore.
  7. Big Data Analytics (BDA) by IIM, Bangalore.



The Great Lakes programs are offering in conjunction with Illinois Institute of Technology which is ranked 103 in the USA.

The EPBA is in collaboration with SDA Bocconi which is ranked among the top 10 in the world.

The CBA is offered by ISB which is ranked 27th in the world, and BAI and BDA are by IIM, Bangalore – ranked 49th in the world.

The PGDDS is offered by Upgrad with IIIT, Bangalore – which does not feature in world university rankings.



For analytics tools, most of the programs cover one or two out of R, Python, and SAS, except the EPBA which includes all three tools. For Big Data too, the EPBA comes out on top by having modules on Hadoop, Spark, Storm, MongoDB, and Cassandra. For Data Visualization, except BDA all others train on tableau but only EPBA and BAI train on PowerBI as well.


CBA and EPBA are the only two programs which cover all areas of analytics, from basics to advanced, and also include Machine Learning. The rest of the program miss out on one or more of these topics in their curricula.


The EPBA is the only course which has electives and modules across sectors. The other programs offer only some of the options while the BDA does not offer any electives and domain modules at all.



The PGDDS is offered at the lowest price of all the programs whereas the CBA is the most expensive one, but the CBA also requires working professionals to submit a Letter of Consent from their organization to enrol in to the program.

Most of the courses are offered in blended mode i.e. offline + online training, except BAI and BDA which do not offer online training.

The EPBA has the most number of course hours and offers the longest access period to the content – 24 months.

The Winner

Considering all the criteria and points of comparison, the EPBA by Jigsaw Academy comes out ahead of all programs. The course curriculum is exhaustive and extremely comprehensive. The biggest advantage is being certified by SDA Bocconi which is a top ranked global university, which finds more acceptance than other programs in terms of the brand value and alumni networking opportunities it offers.

Do you agree with our analysis? Let us know your thoughts and which program do you think is the better one in the comments.






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