Online Travel Agencies & Big Data Connection

Following are some of the statements made by popular online travel portals in India about the importance of big data to stay relevant in their industry.

“We are piloting a project on personalization with a US-based start-up, which is focused on using users’ browsing history and buying behaviour to present a personalized offering to customer,” Sharat Dhall, president of

“Every company has a need to create business intelligence. We analyse multiple data sets like (Internet) traffic data, financial data and consumer data to drive our day-to-day decisions like increasing marketing efforts where supply is more than the demand or asset management to see where to put in more dollars,”  Ashish Kashyap, chief executive, IbiboGroup.

“Using Big Data helps us derive greater insights into customer behaviour patterns and customer preferences. Analytics helps enhance efficiency at the business-end and experience at the customer-end by developing new approaches to customer management, revenue management and internal operations,” Deep Kalra, founder and group chief executive officer of MakeMyTrip

 ““How one company leverages the Big Data will determine the stickiness of a travel portal, which, in turn, will determine an online travel agent’s valuation,” P.R. Srinivas, director of hospitality services, Cushman and Wakefield India.


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