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There are many popular blogs in analytics. Some of the blogs talk about data mining in general while some are more focused in a particular stream of analytics e.g. web analytics, text mining etc. and some blogs about analytics are from a software point of view e.g. R bloggers. If you are looking for best blogs in general in the field of analytics, here is a list (in no particular order) which might help you. Most of the blogs in this list have articles that are technical in nature but are at the same time very understandable.

Data Miners Blog  

This is a blog where you can read about various topics in data mining and even ask questions to the data mining experts. The topics include everything from Statistics to Hadoop. So it’s a good blog for a beginner as well as for an experienced data analyst.

This blog is maintained by Gordon Linoff and Michael Berry. Gordon is a practitioner and teacher in the area of data mining. Michael Berry is a data mining educator, consultant, and in demand keynote speaker.

Analyticbridge Blog

There are various interesting topics related to data mining on this blog. There are also some general topics related to the analytics field like careers in analytics, or interviews with the top kagglers. Then there are also topics related to the technical side of analytics e.g articles related to linear regression, clustering etc.

Analyticbridge is founded by Dr. Vincent Granvillle. Dr. Vincent is a visionary data scientist with several years of big data, predictive modeling, digital and business analytics experience.

Normal Deviate

This blog talks about statistics and machine learning. It gives lot of detailed analysis of some of the concepts in data mining. So if someone is interested in knowing data mining techniques from a statistical point of view then this can be a useful blog.

The blog is by Larry Wasserman, CMU Prof. of Statistics and Machine Learning.


The blog has practical and technical articles written in simple language. There are articles about some of the basics like how to choose a machine learning algorithm or intro to random forests and then there are articles about kaggle competitions, softwares and coding. All in all it’s a very entertaining and educational blog.

The blog is run by Zygmunt Zając. Zygmunt is an economist by education and a programmer and a marketer by occupation.

Kaggle blog no free hunch  

This blog as the name suggests is from kaggle. It talks about kaggle compitions, interviews with kaggle competition winners and many other interesting topics. The articles gives an idea of how data miners approach a particular problem. The summaries of the competitions highlight what machine learning techniques and algorithms were used to achieve highest accuracy. In gist it’s a very informative blog to read.

Data Mining Research blog

Data Mining Research articles covers both research and applications in data mining. Apart from several interesting articles it also has links to other data mining blogs, recommendations for books, and some of the other data mining network links.

The blog is run by Sandro Saitta, a passionate data miner. 


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