Selecting an Analytics Training Institute – A checklist

Students who are planning to start a career in analytics would have easily noticed the explosive growth of analytics training institutes in India. As of 2015, there are more than 150 institutes in India that are offering analytics courses to students either online or via classroom programs. The analytics training programs seems to offer a win-win solution for both the companies that are now facing critical shortage of analytics professionals, as well as help students and professionals attain their potential in analytics domain and make a successful transition to analytics.

There is however a concern about the number of ‘generic – a one stop place to learn everything’ institutes entering the market who are inexperienced in analytics, have little depth in coaching material and lack the appropriate analytics industry knowhow and background that are now offering dedicated analytics courses and programs with the promise to help students getting into analytics domain. Part of the problem lies in the fact that analytics training industry in India is still in its nascent stages and is highly fragmented, with no single professional body or sets of standards and qualifications to guide students of various coaching services. Understandably, this situation leaves many students who are planning to move into analytics wary and skeptical. There are a few blogs that are now trying to bridge this gap (started in last 2 Years to be precise) that are now offering reviews about various analytics training institutes in India. For example, we have Analytics Vidhya, Analytics India Mag.

How do you sort out the wheat from the chaff? How can a student be sure that he/she is choosing the right analytics institute? Making sense of the evolving analytics training world, ensuring you are getting value for money and getting into a right analytics training institute to gain a high-quality and focuses attention related to analytics are all real challenges that are experienced by many students.

Here are some of the areas that students should consider when selecting and analytics training institute:

1. Appropriate Level of Training Experience: Different levels of training might be required depending on the current analytics background of the student, as well as the tools and techniques that an individual need to learn. The analytics training institute needs to be ‘fit for purpose’. For example, if you are new to analytics, then you would need an institute that has a foundation courses in analytics and the required faculty strength that can help you at this nascent stage and also guide you in choosing the right analytics path. At this stage a dedicated analytics institute is of critical importance rather than a generic one that are offering other courses apart from analytics

2. Relevant Analytic/ Analytics Industry Experience: Analytics is a specialized domain that needs institute and faculty to not only have required academic background but also relevant industry experience that leads to strong understanding of analytics organization dynamics and relevant hands on experience of application of analytics in businesses. Here also, one should prefer a specialized analytics training institute rather than a generic one.
3. References or students feedback: Talking to previous students of an institute is a good way of finding out about their style and functioning of the institute. A good training institute should always be able to provide references to help students make a unbiased decision. One can also search Q&A forums like Quora and others to seek student’s reviews.


4. Background of the Institute: Training institutes come from a variety of different backgrounds. Example include the founder of the institute might be someone who does not even know what analytics is all about and have hired a team of professionals to help him set and function the institute. Though there is nothing wrong in this setup but it means the main decision maker has very different way to judge the quality of the institute (based solely on profit) rather than the coaching material or the faculty. It is generally a good practice to choose an institute whose founder is an analytics professional or atleast have the required knowledge of the analytics field. It’s very easy to know the background of an institute from the institute website.
5. Methodology of Training: It’s important to understand the type of training that is being provided by an institute. Is it an online instructor led training or at your own pace coaching via video lectures or dedicated classroom based training? The training methodology would further depend on -> how helpful and convenient it would be. For example, a working professional might not be able to find a classroom based coaching convenient.

6. Breadth of tools and techniques being taught: Training institutes should have an extensive set of tools and analytics techniques that they offer to analytics professionals based on their situation and business needs. Training institutes should be able to clearly describe why a particular tool or technique is important and how is it different from the other tools/technique they are offering. Good analytics training institutes provide different and dedicated analytics programs that are specific to a particular industry.

7. Analytics Industry Tie-ups : Students can also check the tieups or collaboration an institute has with various analytics companies . A good analytics training institute would likely be a member or a preferred partner of analytics companies in providing analytical skill development. This is definitely a watertight guarantee that the mentioned institute does have the required analytics credentials.

8. Sample Learning: Many analytics training institutes that are offering online courses are offering a part of their courses for free to students so that they can gauge the quality of their materials. Students should take full advantage of this feature before making up their minds.
The above checklist would help students to shortlist the right analytics training institute for them.


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