Top Business Analyst Training Programmes in India

Businesses and Business Schools everywhere have come to realize the importance of Business Analytics and how it drives their business process. To ensure that graduates are ready to work with data when they step into the real world, B-Schools have introduced analytics programs that can add value.

If you are looking to get trained in Business Analytics,  take a look at the top 5 Management Programmes that have analytics backing in India.


  1. IIM Ahmedabad

The top B-School in India, IIM-A offers the Advanced Analytics for Management program  that is intended for enabling practitioners, managers, and decision-makers to use advanced analytics for better decision-making and in-depth understanding of these concepts using hands-on technique(s) and business case studies.

  1. IIM-Bangalore

The premier B-School offers an Executive Education Programme in Business Analytics & Intelligence that provides in-depth knowledge of using data and analytics tools. The 1 year programme trains the students on software such as CPLEX, Microsoft Excel, Evolver, LINDO, Qlikview, Python, SAS Enterprise Miner, SPSS, R, @RISK and other proprietary software.

  1. ISB, Hyderabad

One of the top business education institutions in India, ISB Hyderabad offers a 12 month Certificate Programme in Business Analytics which is a combination of classroom and remote training. The schedule includes full days of teaching and evenings will be used for guest lectures, projects, and group work.

  1. IIM Calcutta

The Executive Program in Business Analytics has been initiated after observing the change in the trend of how businesses are currently more data driven than ever before. The program has a platform component as well as a campus component that effectively provides an enriching learning experience. The teaching methodology is highly interactive and includes a blend of lectures, real life case studies, quizzes and assignments.

  1. MISB Bocconi

The Executive Program in Business Analytics is a 10 month intensive program that is a collaboration between MISB Bocconi, the world’s only offshore presence of Università Bocconi and Jigsaw Academy, a leading online analytics education provider. The program covers predictive modeling, data mining, big data analytics, marketing, operations, and risk analytics, among other areas and the course faculty includes renowned international faculty from SDA Bocconi in Milan, Italy, as well as analytics and big data experts from Jigsaw Academy.


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