About Us

Hey there! A few years back a group of us from work decided to explore some analytics courses and we found that there were not many resources available. That’s when the idea for http://analyticscourses.in/ took seed and we have since been updating this site with useful information for all of you who are interested in picking up some analytics and Big Data skills, but just don’t know where to begin. If you are here, means you are one of those who knows the huge career potential of the data industry.

Our objective is to help analytics learners through: 

1.  Search & Discovery– Platform to  find relevant analytics courses.

2. Students Powered Reviews: Source of students powered reviews in analytics space.

3. Analytics Learners Community – For sharing and providing their online learning experience to help other learners.

Well we wish you the best and can assure you that if you get trained in the skills the industry wants and remain keenly tuned into all the latest advancements in the data arena, you will succeed.


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