Which is the right Analytics course for me?

Investing in a course is not only about money but also about time and effort. In our fast paced life, with the increasing demands from work, and with our ambition to forge ahead, we want to choose the right course in Analytics. At the end of the course, it is but natural that we expect to achieve the jump that we aimed for – a boost to our knowledge, technical skills and confidence. Which course is the right course for me? Let’s take a look at the drivers for a ‘right’course.

Question 1 – ‘What do you want to do in your career’- Industry? Next job profile? Location? Salary?

The reason that you are looking to add a new skill or upgrade your existing ones is because you want to get ahead in your career- it can either by getting a promotion in your existing job, moving into a new department in your existing company, move into a new company or a new industry all together. So what kind of course you pick up is completely dependent on what is the purpose you assign for doing this new course. If the purpose is clearly defined then the job is half done.

Question 2 – ‘What type of people work in your desired job’ – Key skills? Education background?

Once you have decided on what is the kind of department/company/industry you want to move into it is also important to understand what type of people are generally picked up for this industry or this job, a software firm may pick up a MBA graduate for its sales team but a person with a Engineering plus MBA background would be best suited for this post as his technical know-how will always be superior to a pure MBA graduate and he will always have an exit option within the same organization by joining a development team if in case he realizes that he dislikes sales. So the course we pick up should always build upon our core academics and we should avoid taking up something just because it’s a new ‘Fad’ and does not hold up promise in the long term career prospects.

Question 3 – ‘Estimation of what type of course you need’ – Business understanding? Faculty? Technical skills?

The kind of course that you pick up has to help you enhance your understanding of the business scenarios and the Industry as a whole, the kind of faculty the institute offers has a huge influence on the final outcome.

Question 4 – ‘Estimation on type of mentoring outside the course you need’ – Help with preparation for interviews? Forum to connect to others like you?

Most institutes just offer a fixed course over a fixed period of time and do not have the bandwidth help attend to your queries once the course is completed, but there are a select few who take very keen interest in forwarding your career and guiding you through the whole process even after the course is over, placement services, tips for interviews and forums to connect to other professionals like yourself go a long way in ensuring you are set on the right direction in pursuing your dreams.


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